Protokol Telefon Pintar Keluarga Ini Sangat Sesuai Diamalkan

Protokol-Telefon-Pintar-Keluarga Zaman sekarang anak-anak sekolah rendah pun sudah mempunyai telefon pintar. Oleh itu, bagi memastikan anak-anak tidak menyalahgunakan kemudahan ini, pengawasan dan bimbingan dari ibu bapa penjaga masih sangat diperlukan.

Dunia tanpa batasan menjadikan ibu bapa perlu memberi lebih perhatian kepada pendidikan anak-anak. Perkongsian dari Mustafa Davis ini dapat dijadikan panduan kepada ibu bapa, mengawasi penggunaan telefon pintar oleh anak-anak anda.


Our family teen smartphone protocols:

  1. Mom and dad have all phone passwords. If passwords are changed without prior approval phone is confiscated for X amount of time.
  2. Phones are handed in at 10pm every night and charge in mom and dads room in the charging tray. Phones are given back in the mornings (weekends included)
  3. The kids all have their own Apple ID's set up on a family plan where all apps are approved by mom or dad (electronically). Any unapproved apps (by using an alternative account) results in phone confiscation.
  4. They can use Instagram as their social media platform with account set on private. Friends are approved by mom or dad. No FB, snapchat, Twitter, Kik, etc. No social messaging apps.
  5. Location tracking (Find Friends) must be turned on at all times. Turning location off (for any amount of time) without prior approval results in phone confiscation.
  6. No texting, emailing, editing photos, while walking in public. Mandatory to pay attention to surroundings when in public.

There are many other things that are involved in our family smartphone policy but these are some of the main ones. So far it's worked for us with some minor hiccups here and there. The kids were involved in setting up the policies so there is a mutual understanding of why we have regulations. It was important to us that they didn't feel their freedom was stifled while maintaining a safe way for them to engage with the world and their friends. Clearly we cannot police everything... nor is that our desire. The goal is to hopefully instill principles that are understood and agreed upon rather than just setting up rules and enforcing them. If all we do is set up rules that they are forced to follow, they'll just stop following them when you're not around. We found that by allowing them to be a part of the decision process that they are more inclined to hold themselves to a higher standard iA.

I'm curious to know what other parents do about teen smartphone usage.

"Parenting teens is always super fun" - said nobody... ever.

Nejma Davis

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